Hello and welcome to the blog for the Lockerbie Writers’ anthology! This page is designed to celebrate and publicise the group’s upcoming anthology (due to be published in spring 2016). I hope that you’ll enjoy reading about our progress, and all the highs and lows we encounter in our journey from blank page to publication.

Along the way, I’ll also invite other members of the group to share their thoughts on the process. If you’d like to be involved, please get in touch!

Lockerbie Writers meet fortnightly to share work, provide critique, and to support and motivate each other. Writing can be a solitary task, and it can be helpful to have like-minded people around you to bounce ideas off and simply to tell you that you’re heading in the right direction.

Once Upon a Time in Annandale and Eskdale will be the first published anthology of work from Lockerbie Writers. It will be a collection of short stories, flash fiction and poetry in a range of genres, reflecting the diversity of the group.

Lockerbie Writers meets fortnightly in the Kings Arms Hotel, Lockerbie. For more details or to get in touch, please leave a comment on this blog or visit our Facebook page.

23-03-15 02 Sheep and lambs