Castle Loch Workshop, 30 June 2016

Today, we picked up our pencils and notepads and we headed into the wilderness … at least, as far as Lochmaben!

30-06-16 01 Arriving at Lochfield Cottage in the dreek weather
Arriving at Lochfield Cottage on a dreek morning!

Lockerbie Writers travelled to Lochfield Cottage, on the banks of Castle Loch, Lochmaben. The cottage was recently purchased by the local community trust and, thanks to the work of their tireless volunteers, it has been transformed into a comfortable and well-equipped meeting place and visitor centre.

The writers were warmly welcomed by Darren Flint and given some history and information about the area and its wildlife.

The group were also lucky enough to hear from Donald Greig, who spoke about his background in travel publishing, and his life-long love of writing and editing. Donald and Darren recently co-wrote a travel guide to our local area, Dumfries and Galloway: Local, characterful guides to Britain’s Special Places (Bradt Travel Guides (Slow Travel Series), 2015),
which is available to buy on Amazon and at a number of local book retailers.

Afterwards, the group took a walk around a small section of Castle Loch, before returning to the cottage to produce a piece of writing based on their initial impressions.

The writing which the group produced was very visual and colourful, taking cues from the weather, as well as thinking about the contrast between the natural environment and the proximity of the main road. This made for some interesting pieces.

Lockerbie Writers left Castle Loch full of energy and inspiration – what was next? Where would our rough scribblings lead? I’ll bet: to something fantastic.

Lochfield Cottage are running a ‘pop-up’ visitor centre from 12noon – 4pm, every Saturday and Sunday throughout July and August 2016. They offer information about the area and wildlife, as well as refreshments and children’s activities.

Groups are also warmly welcomed, and sessions can be tailored to suit your interests, just as ours was today. Further information can be found at:

30-06-16 07 Frank and Richard looking out over the view.JPG
A couple of the group taking in the view.

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