‘Bonfire Night’ by Rita D.

One of my greatest joys, as a member of Lockerbie Writers, is listening to the variety of writing and the talent on display at each meeting – short stories, first chapters, and poems of every style imaginable. One such piece is this poem by one of our newest members, Rita. This is Rita’s emotional response to the recent birth of her grandson.

I am thrilled to be able to share this poem with you, on Rita’s behalf. If you enjoy it, please share or leave a comment for the author. Rita really is a remarkable lady (as you’ll gather from her biography, at the bottom of this page) but she still has doubts about her own talent, so it would be lovely to receive some positive comments to pass on to her.



05-11-16 08 Sparkler heart.JPG

Bonfire Night

By Rita D

A baby was born recently

Put fireworks on display


Set them up; set them off

We’re celebrating: Nathan’s birth


We can thank Guy Fawkes

For his cunning plots


Today is perfect; night’s right

Watch the bonfire set alight


Colour a whole sky bright

Smiling; Nathan’s alright


A big brother he has already

Lewis is the lad; family pack


He will be his companion

Through many explosions


Rocketing off; do Catherine Wheels

They’re Sparklers; so they are


What treats in the ashes?

Marshmallows and tatties


Great night; great kids

Rejoice; it’s Bonfire Night



About the Author

Rita Dalgliesh suffered a serious head injury some years back after which she had to re-learn lost reading and writing skills. With help from ‘Headline’ she began to explore lost memories through creative writing. Joining Lockerbie Writers is another step in a long frightening journey, but words in the form of  poetry and  short stories are the means by which she is moving forward in her post-accident life.

2 thoughts on “‘Bonfire Night’ by Rita D.

  1. I like the honest emotion .Repetition strenghtens the message ..’set them up , set them right ‘ applies to fireworks , drinks for a toast aand captures neatly what we all try to do for our children. Thanks .. I wish you Granny joy !


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