Writing Challenge RESULTS – December 2018

One final time for 2018, here comes your monthly dose of brand new writing from Lockerbie Writers and beyond!

This month’s festive image of a toy Christmas pudding, out of a cracker, certainly had a few people stumped – but we can always count on you for some great pieces of writing, whatever the prompt! This jolly photograph has inspired some of you to write some truly mournful pieces, and I am grateful to everyone who took the time over the busy festive period to dig deep into their hearts and produce such emotion, alongside the expected joyful ones. I hope you enjoy reading these.

All that’s left for me to say is one huge THANK YOU to all of the fantastic writers who have contributed to the blog throughout 2018, and to everyone who has taken the time to read the pieces. Your support makes it all worthwhile.

Inspired to write? We’re taking a little break but check back in February 2019 for a new prompt!


Christmas Visit by Laura Mason

“Have A Merry Christmas, Laura.”

“Yes, All Our Troubles, Finally Out Of Sight!”

“Oh They Are Miles Away.”

“This year reminds me, of The Olden Days”

“Ahh, Those Happy Golden Days”

“I know, and Through All Of These Years, We Will All Be Together.”

“So Long As Fates Allow, Laura!”

“We are blessed to be Faithful Friends, Maureen,”

“Yes, Hang The Shinning Star, just there”

“On this Highest Bough?”

“That will do nicely.”


The Price of Pudding by Deborah Redden

Tom was too busy to want anything for Christmas. He had a shelter to make and money to find. It was harder this time of year, getting people to part with their cash. He supposed they wanted to keep it for their families; to buy toys and clothes and all those other niceties he’d never had. But, he was only ten, after all, and you never know, Santa might visit him one day. Of course, he’d have to be good first. A child that needs seven bells knocked out of them doesn’t deserve presents, that’s what his mum said. He supposed she was right – he shouldn’t have taken the pudding – thieves have to be punished! That’s why he was on the street. That’s why his eye was black.


Merry Christmas by Kerrie McKinnel

The dog, asleep, roasting near the open fire,

The baby nipping at my toes,

‘Jingle Bell Rock’ being sung by an enthusiastic pre-schooler,

And I’m dressed up like a Christmas tree …

So I’ll say it once again to you

(If you can hear me above the kids)

Although it’s been said every day, in every shop you’ve been into

and every social gathering, work meeting, and doctor’s appointment

you’ve attended for the last month,

Merry Christmas to you.


Different Meanings by Laura Mason

Christmas is meant to be a joyous occasion, and though I love the season and am of cheery demeanour, there are always moments of sadness. Family no longer around, broken hearts and disappointment from the lack of good will. But what cuts me the most at this time of year is the empty spare room, the lack of toys under the tree, the fun and games missing from the night in front of the fire. I love Christmas and the wonder that it stands for, but I will always have a sadness inside me. I will always reflect and wonder what if.


Dear Chris by Deborah Redden

Dear Chris, 25-12-11 15 Christmas pudding racer

In recent years I have found my job increasingly unrewarding. It’s undoubtable that I’m the best ‘man’ for the job that I do. But, having gone to great lengths to get over my insecurities regarding my ruby-red honker, I feel my efforts to guide the way through many a hazy sky have gone unnoticed. Why, for example, should you be plied with mince pies, pudding and brandy, when I have to make do with a few mangy carrots? I’m the one who pulls and drags whilst you sit on you butt giving orders. And that put aside, flying whilst intoxicated is illegal! You’re a bright man, Chris, you don’t need telling – it won’t be long before the police come a-knocking! Mrs Clause won’t be best pleased.

That’s why I’m leaving – I don’t think I could stand the fallout … I’m not built to withstand a broken home. And so, with a heavy heart, I give you my resignation. A week from today I’m leaving for the Maldives. All this cold has played havoc with my knees.

Yours Sincerely, your concerned and loving friend,