New Venue for Morning Group

Today marked an exciting day for Lockerbie Writers as we made a move to a new venue.

As of today, the morning group will meet on alternate Tuesdays at the Townhead Hotel, Lockerbie.

Today also marked the first of our peer review sessions ahead of the completion of our second anthology – exciting times ahead for this enthusiastic group!

Lockerbie Writers, April 2019

Writing Challenge – March 2019

Pirates, mermaids, adventurers and far-away places … it’s amazing what a music prompt can inspire in you fabulous lot!

This track seemed to inspire the poetic gene in you – every response was poetry, which is unusual. Most months we get a good mix; I wonder what it was about this piece which brought out the rhymes and rhythms.

Read on for the top pick of the responses to March’s prompt, which was the following piece of music:

‘Bring The Rum, A Sweetie Too’ by Deborah Redden

Bring the rum and row the oars,
Ride the waves to brighter shores.
Brave the winds, the driving rain…
Straighten your back and take the strain.
Pull the rope and scrub the deck…
Mind the bough, don’t break your neck!

For soon we’ll be in France, my Son.
We’ll find a tavern, have some fun.
We’ll raise the rafters good and high,
We’ll drink our fill, but still won’t die!
Then morning comes, with heads of sand,
And we’ll raise our bodies and leave the land.

We’ll take the helm, look proud and strong!
Our grand auld captain won’t see us wrong.
Might Sing a song or tap a dance…
Dream on a girl, might take a chance.
For she might be, the one we need…
To quietly girdle this life we lead!

‘Water, Fire, Earth & Wind’ by Laura Mason

Beneath the sea, deep within a fiery battle begins,
The tridents clash with thundering roars,
Causing the waves above to soar,
The ships rock above the waves, struggling in the sways,
Below the battle ensues, as the mermen gather in the growing swells,
Crack from above as lightning begins, and fire breaks out aboard ‘The Grimm’.
Bodies fall from the ship to sea, as the fight rages on encouraging the storm,
The men sink to their doom, their eyes wide in the gloom,
Then there is light from beyond as the seas calm, and the fight is won.
Mermaids swim around the drowning men, easing their pain,
Sorrowful for the waste, guiding them to the depths below.

‘Ride Safe’ by Carol Price

As the moonlight bathed the lake in silver light,  
she held tight the reins of the stallion.
Together they raced away from the tower,
away from the man who would be king,
away from the danger that lurked within.
Her hair came loose and rippled in the wind,
her skirts they billowed behind her.
Her heart beat fast like a bird in a cage
as they fled through the wooded bower.

Haste to the warm embrace of your sisters three,
where the firelight glows and the peat smoke soars.

Ride safe, sweet child, ride safe.

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