Writing Challenge – June 2019

June: light nights, sunshine (sometimes), and National Writing Day!

There was plenty to keep us avid writers entertained this month – not forgetting our Mindful Writing Day on 22nd June featuring our guest speaker/tutor Margaret Elphinstone. If you were lucky enough to join us, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

This month’s musical blog prompt sparked a few of your creative minds. As ever, there was a wonderful selection of pieces to choose from for inclusion on this month’s blog. Here are some of our favourites …

‘Funfair Rides’ by Laura Mason

They rolled into town and we all cheered at the bright coloured wagons.

They all set up camp along the riverside to ready for the night ahead.

We watched the men build enormous rides, from the big wheel to the speedway.

They offered us a ride for free. And we practically jumped with glee.

The funfair was here, and it was going to be some night.

Candy floss and fish in a bag, hook a duck, it was all just so mad.

But it brought people together, we were having fun.

And for that I wished the day would never be done.

‘M.I.A. (Missing in Action)’ by Deborah Redden

Suitcase, oh suitcase…
please, where are you?
I’ve looked in the cupboard,
Neath each bloomin’ shoe.

I’ve straightened my hair…
Touched up the auld lippy…
But can’t pack my bag,
Cause you’ve thrown a hissy!

I found Mr Passport…
He’s been very good.
He stayed in my Escort,
Where all passports should!

I’ve offloaded the dog,
Got rid of the kids.
I’ve cleaned out the bog,
But my heads still a-tizz.

My plane I won’t miss
For I couldn’t do that…
But god save you, suitcase..
If you show after that!

‘Samantha’ by Steph Newham

Samantha I think it’s time you told the negative committee that meets in your head, to sit down, shut up and let you get on with some positive thinking and meditation is a good route to take. As you probably realise meditation took a major role in my life once I decided to leave Jake, it’s not something we have really talked about because you never seemed interested in how I managed my life, somehow our meetings were usually full of our superficial existence, but to me that has only been surface. Meditation is what keeps me sane although not even that helped when I was ill. But now it’s vital as I grow older, we all need a place of peace and where better than in our own heads.

‘Sandy Beaches’ by Laura Mason

The fine grain slid effortlessly between my toes, covering them in the golden colour like really fine brown sugar. It sparkled the same, as the sun shone down, glittering with every wiggle of my toes. I pulled my knees to my chest and looked out to the ocean, watching as the sun slowly dropped from sight. But even as the night air cooled my skin, my feet were still toasty under the grains of shimmering sand.

Photo by Nikolaj Erema on Pexels.com

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this month’s blog! What a meditative and thoughtful selection of pieces this month, in spired by a simple piece of music.

Have you been inspired to have a go? Check out our new Monthly Writing Challenge now!

One thought on “Writing Challenge – June 2019

  1. It was interesting to respond to a piece of music – for me personally, the piece induced a strangely aggressive feeling. Very unusual response, that surprised me. Great to read others interpretations.


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