Halloween Week 2019 – Day 5

To mark Halloween, all week (28th October – 1st November 2019) we will be sharing a selection of spooky stories written by members of Lockerbie Writers and A Novel Approach writing groups.

Can you hear a noise? What’s that weird shape in the shadows?

Today is our final day of spooky stories, all inspired by our summer outing to Lochmaben Castle and the ghostly tales which we heard there from local paranormal group Mostly Ghostly.

Our final stories come from Rita Dalgliesh (member of Lockerbie Writers group), and Frank Walker (member of Lockerbie Writers and A Novel Approach groups).

Read on and find out … if you dare!

Phantom Express by Frank Walker

The night was dark, cold and wet. The station platform was deserted, devoid of life, and as I stood, coat collar raised in a vain attempt to foil the elements, I could make out the light of a train in the far distance. I found this strange as I habitually wait for the train at this time. Why then have I not spotted the light before?

It was clear the train was approaching at great speed, go great that it could not possibly stop at this station. My heart was pounding as I stood there, transfixed, in complete awe at what I was witnessing.

The carriages sped past, each lit up, and the shape of passengers were mere dark silhouettes at the windows, their features indiscernible, and all seemed to be staring straight in front of each other, as if in deep concentration.

The train was no sooner through the deserted station when it simply vanished from sight! One minute it was thundering past; the next, gone!

I could not stop trembling. Was I in shock? What had just occurred?

I was never so glad to see my train pull up. As I seated myself, I related to the conductor what I had seen.

“Oh, so you saw it then, did you?”

I asked him to explain.

“Well, a hundred years ago and express was switched onto the wrong track in a grave error. It had just cleared that station when it collided with the train you are on tonight. There were no survivors. Seems evey year on the anniversary some unlucky sod sees the phantom express.”

I continued the journey deep in thought.

Ahhh by Rita Dalgliesh

Before day’s done, evening through night.
The fire wouldn’t light; nothing went right.

Dropsy is an understatement. I’m just vacant.
Perhaps possessed of a lonely spirits’ vocation.

I’ll take a stroll, shrug off the weight of wonder.
What shock as ghostly sights before me wander.

Not to be acknowledged by others passing by.
Now nerves are shrieking. Shaking is this body.

I get the creeps so bad I almost want to weep.
That’s not how to deal with this … just sleep.

I sit to slumber aware of all creeks and cringe.
Shade; shadows play havoc as sanity recoils.

Ahhh hear a scream; soaked in sweat; dripping.
Rising to my disposition. I’ve been dreaming.

I frighten half a household with that shriek.
Possessed of little or no sleep. What a freak.

Dozing off with too much in mind’s a blight.
Creating these phantoms evening through night.

Thank you to Frank and Rita for sharing these terrifying tales of late-night apparitions … and overactive imaginations!

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading all of our stories and poems this week.
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