Open Mic Night, September 2018

With Storm Ali on the way, the weather last night was nasty … in fact, it was a perfect night to head to the pub for a spot of storytelling and poetry!

The room at the King’s Arms Hotel, Lockerbie, was packed with an enthusiastic crowd of almost twenty people. Writers and story-lovers had come from Annan, Moffat and Dumfries to hear what was on offer and to join in. We even had a couple of guests from London! It was such a delight to welcome the mixed crowd to the Lockerbie Writers’ event.

18-09-18 03 Open Mic Night.jpg

The night certainly didn’t disappoint. There were short stories, poems, and opening chapters to novels, with contributions from friends and family as well as members of Lockerbie Writers, our sister group A Novel Approach, and Moffat Writers. In less than two hours we covered childbirth, suffragettes, grammar, politics, washing machines, war, fantasy, dragons, crime and even a spot of murder!

At the end of the evening, it was lovely to get the chance to chat to a few people and get their feedback. Everyone had enjoyed the variety of writing on offer, and the opportunity to meet writers from other areas or other writing groups. Our own unique styles of writing and the choices we make in genre and character reflect something of who we are as individuals, and we all headed back out into the storm with a smile and feeling as if we all knew each other just a tiny bit better.

Interested in our next open mic night? Let us know!


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