Castle Loch Writing Workshop

On Wednesday 31 May 2017, Lockerbie Writers were lucky enough to visit Castle Loch once again – but this time, we opened up the invite to writers everywhere! The event was fully booked, and excitement levels were high amongst our little writing group as we prepared for the big day.

On arriving at Lochfield Cottage, the weather was perfect: sunshine (but not TOO hot!), and the cottage surrounded by the beautiful scenery that we remembered from our event there in 2016 (click here for more details).

The day began with several writing exercises designed to help loosen everyone up and get those creative juices flowing. Writing exercises were delivered by Lockerbie Writers’ members Steph Newham and Kerrie McKinnel, whilst Darren Flint of Castle Loch provided an interesting and informative talk on the area’s history and geography.

Castle Loch provided an interesting and welcoming venue, perfect for our group of twenty, and with so many opportunities to spend time outside. For more information on Castle Loch, click here.

After a delicious lunch provided by Pink Flamingo Vintage Tea Room, the group headed outside to enjoy the sunshine. Darren spoke about the local wildlife and then led a guided walk into the woods to help inspire our writers for their afternoon session, while some participants chose to remain at the cottage and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Afterwards, it was back to the cottage to brainstorm about what we’d just experienced. The focus was on the use of every sense to paint as full a picture as possible – smells, sounds and textures were all noted. The group then settled down to one final writing exercise inspired by everything they’d seen and heard during the day.


The workshop finished in high spirits as everyone headed for home feeling proud of what they’d achieved, and having enjoyed the rousing discussions and supportive feedback provided by other writers. It had been a varied group with many participants who were happy to read out their work as we went along, which made for a fascinating experience for all of us.

Participants were invited to edit and polish any of the work which had come out of the workshop, to be sent to by 30 June 2017. This work will be compiled and displayed on this blog page, and at the cottage at Castle Loch. Watch this space!

Thanks again to everyone who attended. It was a fantastic day, and we can’t wait to start planning the next one!


2 thoughts on “Castle Loch Writing Workshop

  1. Fabulous day for everyone. Solla ladies send a huge THANK YOU to Lockerbie Writers and Darren Flint for organising such an amazing day. Look forward to getting together again in the very near future. 💕X


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